Nice Surprise Asa!

A funny thing happened on the way to work the other day…..

I got a call from my very good friend Asa Murphy. Asa is one of the top UK entertainers and is currently developing his career as a Radio presenter on Radio Merseyside. He saw a viral video of Joe… you might have seen it?

Anyway, he was listening to the singer in the background and recognised that it was me performing (Asa and I have worked together at a couple of charity events) He invited me into the studio last week and I was able to explain my work in care homes as well as introduce some work that I am doing with Dementia Friends (an Alzheimer’s Society intitiative)

We had a great chat, it’s always to nice to see Asa, he’s a real professional and a true gent. Here’s the link to the recording of Asa’s programme. You should listen to the show, the music’s great, but if you’re in a hurry, our chat kicks in around 1:04:00

Hurry though, you only have until 26th March to listen to it.

Valentine’s Day Part 1

Hillcroft Care home in Aughton is one of my favourites. Megan, Sarah, Kate and the care staff, do so much for the residents. So much music, theatre, activities and days out. I always find it a pleasure to entertain there, as the staff get involved whilst I’m performing.. dancing, singing along, sometimes just being there and smiling, clapping and holding hands helps to make the residents session more enjoyable

I had four gigs on Valentine’s day, starting with Hillcroft. You never know what you’re going to get in a care home… sometimes a slow response, sometimes a little faster, so you have to be ready to switch to a variety of styles. Everyone was eager to sing along to the songs today, so the guitar quickly found it’s way off the stand and we spent at least half an hour singing songs such as Que Sera, Portrait of my Love, Hide your love away… very Valentine’s-esque. The session quickly increased in tempo and we were dancing to Barry White, Guy Mitchell and Emile Ford by the end of the morning.

A recent promotional video of Hillcroft included some of the music activities… (I think I kick in around 2.00 mins) but do watch the whole reel as it has some wonderful interviews and shots of some lovely smiling faces